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We have insufficient disc space to store all our tunes as scores in "gif" form. If a score you require is not available on-line, or if you require the ASCII or PostScript versions of a score, fill in the fields below.

Field 1 is set to "reels", "jigs", etc.

Field 2 is set to the known name of a music file (shown as the last field on the various data files, always starts with a lower case letter), or to a keyword (starting with an upper case letter) which will be searched for in a title or acknowledgment.

Field 3 is set as follows.

  • ASCII : To view the original ASCII version.
  • PostScript : to view the PostScript file produced by Phil Rowe's program.
  • PostScriptSonata : to view the PostScript file which uses the Sonata font (available from Adobe) and "pic".
  • gif : to view a "gif" version as WWW graphics.
  • PDF : to view a "PDF" version as




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